Welcome to Dublin Pain Clinic. (Our facility is accredited with Joint commission (JACHO) as Office Based Surgery Center)

Ownership and Credentials

Dublin Pain Clinic owner Dr. Siddiqui is Board Certified by the ABA in Anesthesiology and Pain Management, and he is licensed in the states of Ohio, Texas and California. He has been in practice since 2001 and attended Dow Medical College. Dr. Siddiqui has done residency training in the field of Anesthesiology at Western Reserve Care System Hospital in Youngstown, Ohio. Fellowship in critical care medicine at the University of Rochester Medical Center in New York, and fellowship training in Interventional Pain Management at Oregon Health Science University in Portland, Oregon. His training is extensive in the field of Intervention Pain Management, Including epidural steroid injection, facet injections, radiofrequency nerve ablation, sympathetic nerve block, discography, disc decompression, lysis of epidural adhesion, joint injections, and spinal cord stimulator implantations.

The Team

 Our physicians are well-known for treating the most complex and challenging cases of chronic pain. Among the types of conditions we most frequently encounters are chronic pain syndromes, neuropathic pain syndromes, degenerative disc disease, fibromyalgia, headaches, spinal stenosis, sciatica, complex regional pain syndromes, postherpetic neuralgia, chest wall pain syndromes, back pain, neck pain, and failed back surgery syndrome. Our physicians offer the latest state-of-the-art therapeutic options, including  epidurals, trigger point injections, joint injections, nerve blocks, and radio-frequency for pain management.

 Should you choose to have an Interventional Procedure under the guidance of fluoroscopy at this organization; Dr. Siddiqui  will be performing your Pain Management procedures.

Additionally, this organization utilizes experienced, Board Certified and Credentialed anesthesia providers licensed in the state of Ohio. Our staff CRNA is Lori Russell. We provide mild to moderate I/V sedation to all our patients undergoing spine injections. MAC (Monitored Anesthesia Care) is provided by our CRNA Lori Russell.

Our team is made up of competent individuals that will assist in providing a safe patient experience and excellent care.  Debra Hannah is our Nurse Practitioner,  who is  licensed in the State of Ohio and provide professional and competent medical services to our patients. Dr. Sudhir Dubey, Psy.D is our facility Pain Psychologist and provides patient psych evaluations, counseling, psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral, biofeedback, distress management, relaxation technique and pain coping techniques to our patients. Our team is very experienced and competent in patient safety and management. Our vision is to provide the best medical care to our patients in a friendly but professional environment.

Customer Satisfaction

Should you have a problem, please be advised that if you have a grievance or concern the following mechanism is available. Ask for the grievance form from the receptionist.

Should you have any suggestions to help our organization operate better, please submit in writing and provide to the office manager.

Patient Role

You play a part in your own care. We encourage all patients to be actively involved. Please speak up and ask questions to any of our staff members at Dublin Pain Clinic.

Additionally, please be advised that this organization does not recognize Do Not Resuscitate Orders, Living Wills or other Advanced Directives. Please inform us if you would like additional information regarding these items.

Infection Control

Dublin Pain Clinic trains all employees upon hire and annually thereafter regarding Infection Control which includes Hand Hygiene. We enforce all personnel to follow CDC guidelines regarding Infection Control. We encourage staff to stay home when they are sick. We provide tissues and garbage cans throughout the facility and encourage everyone to cover their mouth when coughing or sneezing and then wash their hands.

Patient Safety

Should you have a procedure at Dublin Pain Clinic we want you to know that we value patient safety. Therefore, you may hear us performing certain tasks or asking certain questions that may surprise you. Even though we may know you, we ask you identifying information such as: Date of Birth, Address, last four digits of your social security number besides asking for your name. We take a pause or a time out before we actually start your procedure to assure once again that we have everything that we need and the entire team is prepped for the procedure. Only the physician performing the procedure will mark your procedure site. This organization adheres to strict infection control measures before, during and after your procedure including. This includes the procedural technique, environment of care, care of equipment, instruments, and education of all staff in the most up to date infection control measures.

If you have a concern about patient care or safety that is not addressed in this section, please contact us to voice your concern.