What Our Patients Are Saying

Staff was kind and on-time. Doctor was kind and understands. I like this Doctor’s office and gave my friend and family their number.
The staff was wonderful and the Doctor was very informative. Many Thanks!
— Sarah
The staff does an excellent job at all times!
— Amy
The office is always clean and the staff is always kind and pleasant.
I was suffering from chronic back pain, and had a back surgery but my pain never got better till I started seeing Dr Siddiqui and he changed my life with his treatment especially spine injections helped a lot. I would not go anywhere else!
— Mandie
The pain clinic has contributed to my quality of life for several years and I am grateful to Doctor and the whole team as now I can take care of myself and my family without worrying about my pain 24/7.
— Michael
I have found the staff and Doctors to be very nice, professional, helpful and caring. I feel comfortable with them and safe. They are definitely THE BEST.
— Lisa
Great staff – They have went above and beyond my expectations in all aspects of my medical care. Thanks.
I was so scared about my spine injection as I have a phobia of needles, but Dr Siddiqui reassured me and promised me that I will not feel anything and when I woke up after the procedure, I did not even know that my injection is already done. I trust Dr Siddiqui he knows what he is doing.
I had back pain for several years and I saw many Doctors but Dr Siddiqui did the injections that provided me the most relief I have ever had, now I have significant more range of motion and I can tolerate exercise to lose my weight which would not be possible without the help of Dr Siddiqui. Finally found a Doctor who I can trust completely.
— Mike